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Maori call for a fundamental and philosophical shift in climate change policy in New Zealand

June 14, 2012

The New Zealand Government primary policy response to climate change has been the introduction of the Emissions Trading System (ETS), a cap and trade systems that places a price on carbon. The last 3 to 4 years the government has introduced the ETS and is currently looking to refine and fine tune the policy settings of the ETS.

Maori have signalled strongly to Government that the time is now right to shift the focus of climate change policy in New Zealand:

The ETS is fast becoming business as usual for many including farmers. The Government’s discussion document sets out a number of amendments to the ETS that will be introduced in 2012.

We support the Government’s approach to refine the ETS policy settings. However, we promote strongly that the Government shift its focus towards the development and introduction of a suite of complimentary measures as we propose above that work in parallel with the ETS towards a holistic response on climate change in line with the issues raised by Iwi/Māori raised in the Regional hui set out later in this document.

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The focus with the ETS has been to migrate sectors into the ETS that began with Forestry with Agriculture programmed to enter in 2015. There is growing evidence that as companies and sectors have been introduced and become increasingly familiar with the complexities of the ETS, whereby making it (the ETS) increasingly business as usual. Indeed, Maori have argued that business certainty is vital and that government should ensure they don’t introduce major policy swings.

Given this, it is timely now that Government should hold to the fundamentals of its cap and trade system, (and indeed refine the system) but not spend the next 3 to 5 years on the ETS and now shift its focus on to a suite of new complimentary measures like investment into low emission technologies, renewable energy technologies and more..

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The $37 billion problem, or opportunity?

November 17, 2011

The New Zealand government commissioned a study released this year that estimated the size of the Maori economy at $37 billion. Up from around $16 billion when last measured in 2006. Now this sounds impressive. But, the study pointed out that the $37 billion should be much larger than this if Maori assets that are concentrated in the primary sector. These assets underperform their non-Maori equivalent assets that is, they don’t have the same level of productivity. The study pointed out that Innovation and technology were key to lifting the productivity of these assets.

Where the study fell short however, it didn’t say how to do this i.e. get Maori asset owners engaged practically with the New Zealand Innovation system and what are the challenges that Iwi/Maori face in trying to interface with this system. This interface represents a significant barrier to Iwi/Maori trying to break into this space and until someone starts thinking about this, $37 billion Maori asset will continue to underperform or, at best stagger and splutter along.

Now that’s not good for either Maori or, the New Zealand economy at large. Is it?

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