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Towards stable Government in the next few days

November 27, 2011

The provisional 2011 election results

Last night the John Key led Government secured a further 3 year term as New Zealand’s government. Stability of government policy has to be a good thing providing participants of the economy with a level of certainty from which to plan for the future especially given the continuing unrest we see around the world in Europe and the Middle-East.

But, the people of New Zealand didn’t deliver a result whereby National could govern outright.

Good partners will be important!

Discussions over the next few days will be key

In order to provide stable government and important continuity of the policies the National government have been designing and implementing during the last 3 year term, important discussions will need to be had with a number of smaller parties to shore up support to be able to advance the governments policy agenda for the next 3 year term.

But, while some of the smaller parties have similar views on some policy, they do also have in some cases starkly differing views on policy like fiscal policy tools, the environment and communities and households.

What do you think?

The choices on who the new government invites to form stable coalition government for New Zealand for the next 3 years will be critical as to what type of policies around the environment and sustainability New Zealand adopts and applies.

Kia ora and thanks for your feedback!


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