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Lessons from the past. China!

December 7, 2011

As world leaders converge on Durban and attempt to thrash out a replacement Kyoto Protocol agreement beyond December 2012, this provided an opportunity to view a number of the countries who a promoting what they are doing practically to combat the challenges posed by climate change.

China is often criticized by the west (developed countries) for the amount of emissions coming from it’s economy. What this discussion fails to acknowledge is what China is practically doing within its economy particularly in response to the last world energy crisis in the mid to late 1980’s.

Invest in renewable energy technology

China's High-Power Semiconductor Laser Production Line

China's High-Power Semiconductor Laser Production Line

China Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Group

Message from the President

“I sincerely hope CECEP could work with the good companies from all over the world, to develop the industry of energy conservation and environmental protection together, to achieve the targets of effectively controlling greenhouse gas emission and enforcing the capacity for sustainable development.

We shall consider ensuring and maintaining economic development as the core; saving energy and resource, optimizing energy structure and strengthening ecological protection as the priorities and improving techniques as the support, in order to continuously enhance the ability of coping with the massive climate change issues, make earnest contribution to global sustainable development, and create a prosperous future for all of us together”.

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It is important to take a long term view (as China does) when considering how countries should respond to the challenges of climate change. It is incredibly naive to think that processes like the Kyoto Protocol and durban will suddenly see all developed and developing countries suddenly come away holding hands. This fails to acknowledge that each country has it’s own domestic challenges that it try’s to manage and deal with.

The mistake in this thinking is to think that countries like China are not committed to substantively tackling the challenges of climate change. There are clearly some lessons to be learned by looking at what China IS actually doing.

Just quite mind-blowing seeing and listening to what China has on display in Durban.

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