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What can I do?

November 19, 2011

Droughts in Africa causing starvation and never been seen before floods in Thailand are very real examples of how climate is dramatically affecting peoples lives across the world.

As the leaders of the world converge on Durban in South Africa to try to negotiate agreements to commit the countries of the world to act to reduce rising global temperatures by reducing emissions and finding new technologies to reduce, eliminate or indeed better utilize the emissions currently being created, families and individuals can be forgiven for thinking “there is nothing I can do”.

What does this mean for us in New Zealand?

Here is map of New Zealand showing scientist predictions as to what changes we can expect in our weather as a result of climate change.

What the science is telling us.

The predictions are for:

  • Fewer frosts in winter;
  • Higher temperature;
  • Higher rainfall in west;
  • Drier in the east and north;
  • More extreme events;
  • More droughts;
  • More extreme rainfall;
  • Higher snowline & reduced snow cover;
  • Stronger winds; and
  • Sea level rise.

We are already starting to see evidence of these events now. This issue has now become real for us.

The debate is no longer simply one to be had in the conference centers in the capitals of the world by the politicians of the world. These changes will fundamentally change the way we live our lives here in New Zealand. Our businesses will be impacted, what should I do if I am a farmer? If I grow forests, what crops should I grow if water availability becomes and issue?

Yes the worlds political leaders must play an important leadership role, but so must we all as individuals.

Have a look here at one small not for profit project we have led called “Kaitiakitanga | Caring for our Lands & Foreshore”.

What do you think?


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