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The Australia paradox. Both an opportunity and threat to Maori culture and identity.

November 28, 2011

The combination of a sluggish New Zealand economy still coming to grips with the after effects of the Christchurch earthquakes and the prospects of these problems lingering on for some years to come, and the almost stark contrast we see across the Tasman with Australian economy rich in vast natural resources supplying the seemingly unquenchable demand from China for resources to enable their phenomenal growth.

While this growth is showing some signs of slowing, relative to the New Zealand economy, the Australian economy continues to boom.

Kiwi’s are moving across the Tasman

More jobs and importantly higher paying jobs have seen record numbers of Kiwi’s make the move across the Tasman. As they wave good bye to friends and family vowing to return home soon when they have struck gold, the reality is that until the New Zealand economy begins to thrive and grow, this talent is likely to be lost to our economy for many years and possibly for good.

This can’t be good for the economy especially at a time when New Zealand desperately needs our best and brightest minds actively contributing to our own recovery. Clearly seems to be a real need for Government intervention to attract and retain our best and brightest talent here at home.

A fundamental threat to Maori culture and identity

Maori people have relocated across the Tasman in droves to take up high paying jobs in the mines and associated infrastructure sectors. Similarly leaving home and the marae vowing to be home in five years once they have achieved the promise of riches.

This has now been happening for 5 – 10 years now, but we haven’t seen them coming home in large numbers, indeed we continue to see more whanau depart our shores.

Indeed the shift to Australia is in many respects a continuation of what we have seen over last 20 – 30 years with the relocating of whanau from the marae to take up jobs in the many city centers across New Zealand.

Except now they leave for Australia and beyond. As they leave home the paepae are thinning out.

The solution is staring us in the face, isn’t it?

Iwi/Maori continue to own significant assets (concentrated around the marae), though underperforming, engage the NZ (and in time the world), technology and innovation capabilities, bring these to bear to raise the productivity of these assets, create new high value company’s, making new products and services in demand by high value markets of the world.

This will create new opportunities for high paying and technical new jobs and indeed attract home our best and brightest talent.

These macroeconomic signals are what drive a lot of our work today with clients.

Isn’t it this simple? What do you think?


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